Which Shark Accessories Should I Use?

There’s nothing like a Shark clean – combining powerful suction with clever technologies, our vacuum cleaners make it easy to achieve amazing results all around your home. But which Shark attachment should you use with your vacuum cleaner, and where should you use them?

Here’s a handy guide to making the most of your Shark – using the accessories that come in the box and additional tools which can be purchased directly from our website.

Man using shark vacuum attachment to clean high and low

Shark attachments in the box

The attachments included with your Shark vacuum cleaner will vary depending on which model you have chosen. Here’s a run-down of the best way to use the tools you are likely to already have…

  • Crevice Tool

This must-have attachment is perfect for getting into corners and small spaces, giving you extra reach with a precision end – perfect for vacuuming car seats, down the side of sofa cushions, skirting boards and more. You may have a combination Duster/Crevice Tool – if so, you can slide the Dusting Brush to the end of the crevice tool to easily remove dust with the soft bristles.

  • Upholstery Tool

Designed to remove dust and lint from upholstery, this wide, flat tool is perfect for refreshing sofas, curtains, cushions, car seats and more.

  • Pet Tool

Easily removing embedded pet hair from stairs, sofas, rugs and upholstery with a bristle brush-roll, this tool is included with all Shark TruePet vacuum cleaners and is also available to buy separately.

Flexible hose and detail kit attachment for shark vacuum

Which other tools can I use with my Shark?

We’re proud that every Shark vacuum can be used all over your home. We offer a variety of extra tools to make your vacuum even more versatile. Here’s how to use them…

  • Car Detail Kit

This selection of mini detailing tools makes it easy to valet car interiors with fine brushes and precision nozzles, plus a flexible hose to help you reach further – perfect for those areas of the car that easily gather dust and dirt, such as cupholders, door pockets, dashboards and around controls.

  • Under-Appliance Wand

It may look unusual but this unique extendable wand is designed to give you extra reach, effortlessly cleaning underneath low-lying furniture or appliances with its specially-designed bend. Tipped with dusting bristles to help prevent scratches, simply flip to clean the tops of cupboards.

  • Dusting Brush

Ideal for fiddly or detailed areas which gather dust, this tool features short bristles to lift fine dust from skirting boards, shelves and surfaces while a wide opening for the vacuum’s suction to remove the dirt.

  • Anti-Allergen Dusting Brush

Designed for allergy sufferers, this brush features super-soft angled bristles and soft felt to lift fine, stuck-on dust from furniture, ceilings, blinds and more.

  • Canister Caddy

Got an upright vacuum cleaner with Lift-Away? If you don’t want to carry the canister in portable mode, this wheeled floor caddy lets you pull your vacuum along like a cylinder.

Shark lift away with pet tool

Where can I buy Shark accessories?

Shark accessories are available to purchase directly at sharkclean.com.au.

A selection of attachments is available for every Shark vacuum cleaner, each purposefully designed to fit a specific model, so please check the accessory is compatible with your model before purchase.

To find out which tools are available for your Shark, simply click on ‘Parts & Accessories’ in the menu above and select your model.

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