Top Tips To Maintain Your Shark Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are the handy household item you never knew you needed – but won’t be able to live without! Perfect for dealing with those frustrating little spills and messes that don’t call for a full-size vacuum, whether it’s biscuit crumbs on the counter or cat hair on the sofa.

Looking after your handvac properly ensures its suction performance stays strong, prevents blockages, and means it’s always ready to go when you need it!

Wondering how to keep your handvac in good condition? Here are our top tips for maintaining your Shark handheld vacuum


  1. Don’t forget to empty it!

Even though you may only be a cleaning small amount with each use, remember the dust cup is smaller than a full size vacuum and will still need emptying regularly. If the dust cup gets too full, you may notice a drop in suction power. Simply hold your handvac over your dustbin and press the one-touch button for fuss-free emptying.


  1. Freshen up those filters

The filter catches tiny dust particles from the air on its way out of the vacuum. If the filters aren’t regularly cleaned, this dust can build up until they get blocked, preventing the air from escaping properly. This can reduce suction power.

How to clean your handheld vacuum filter:

With your vacuum turned off, take out the filter. First, tap to remove loose dust and debris then hand wash using only water. Allow to air dry for 24 hours before reinstalling. Make sure all parts are fully clicked back into place after maintenance.


  1. Keep it charged

There’s nothing more frustrating than grabbing your handvac only to find it’s not charged. Give it a boost after every use to help keep it ready for next time. If you have a Shark WandVac, store it on the compact charging base so it’s always ready to go!

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