How To Get The Best Vacuum Lines On Your Carpet

From Mrs Hinch to the Queen of Clean, cleaning influencers or ‘cleanfluencers’ have inspired many of us to find calm, peace and joy in cleaning and tidying our homes – and they’ve set a few cleaning trends along the way, too.

One huge social media trend amongst cleaning fans is using your vacuum cleaner to create visible ‘lines’ on your carpet after vacuuming, with over 12,000 posts on Instagram tagged #hooverlines. They can divide opinion, but if you’re a fan of fluffy carpet lines here are our top tips…

What are vacuum lines in carpet?

Carpet lines are simply the result of pushing your carpet pile in opposite directions with each stroke of your vacuum cleaner, just like lines in freshly mowed grass! Some people like to create straight lines along the length of the room, while you can also create triangular patterns if you prefer. 

Do vacuum lines damage a carpet?

No, vacuuming should not damage your carpets. However, you should adjust your vacuum’s floor type and suction level settings to suit low pile or thick pile carpets, to avoid pulling the fibres.

Can you get vacuum lines in all types of carpet?

The fluffier your carpet, the better the lines! Thick pile carpets, particularly the sort you can see footprints in, will create visible lines easily. Tightly woven or low pile carpets may not have enough movement in the fibres. 

How do I create carpet lines while hoovering?

  • Firstly, select the appropriate vacuum cleaner settings for your carpet and vacuum the room as normal. For best results, push your Shark vacuum slowly across carpets to allow the motorised brush-roll and powerful suction to do its work, lifting stuck-on or deeply embedded dust as well as getting the big bits.
  • To create the lines, position your vacuum against the wall the furthest away from the door. Pull the vacuum back towards you. Keep going until you reach the end of the room. If you want straight lines, move to the side and push the vacuum forwards this time, repeating until the pattern is complete.
  • If you want to create triangles, when you get to the end of each line push the vacuum diagonally back to the start to create your next stroke. This will leave a triangle pattern where the rows overlap.
  • Vacuum in socks to avoid leaving footprints on your fresh carpet lines!

What’s the best vacuum for creating carpet lines and patterns?

You can create carpet lines with any vacuum cleaner, using the floorhead. You may find a cordless vacuum easier for this, as a power cord could drag over your carefully crafted pattern. All Shark vacuum cleaners feature motorised brush-rolls, which are directly powered to spin at a controlled speed and draw dirt out of your carpets.

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