How To Choose The Perfect Shark Vacuum For Your Home

Whether your old vacuum has broken down or it’s simply time to treat yourself to a new model, choosing the right vacuum cleaner can be a big decision.

Trying to decide which Shark vacuum cleaner is right for you? This handy guide will get you thinking about what you want from your vacuum, so you can choose the perfect Shark for you and your home…

What will you use it for?

Do you prefer to vacuum your whole home from top-to-toe in one go? If you’re planning to tackle whole home cleans, we’d recommend a full-size upright vacuum cleaner.

If your style is cleaning room-by-room, if you’d particularly like a lightweight vacuum, or if you’re looking for a second vacuum cleaner to keep on hand, one of our slim, flexible stick vacuum cleaners may suit you.

For quick clean-ups on worktops, sofas and in the car, check out our selection of handheld vacuums.


Corded or cordless?

Once you’ve decided if you want a stick or upright style, it’s time to choose between corded or cordless power. We offer corded and cordless options in both styles. Which would you prefer?

With extra-long cords, Shark’s corded vacuums offer continuous power and versatile cleaning. With a choice of run-times to suit your lifestyle, Shark’s cordless vacuums offer the freedom to move easily between rooms and out to your car.


What type of floors do you have?

Does your home have mainly carpets or hard floors? Do you have rugs? All Shark vacuum cleaners have settings to help you easily clean different floor types, but if your home has a mixture of both our signature DuoClean floorhead could be right for you.

Two brush-rolls work together in one floorhead, gliding across carpets and hard floors with no need to stop. A bristle brush-roll cleans deep into carpet fibres while a soft front brush-roll draws in large debris, small particles and lifts stuck-on dust from hard floors.


Where else do you want to clean?  

We all know that cleaning isn’t limited to our home’s floors. Lift-Away Technology is designed to help you easily clean stairs and sofas, transforming your upright or corded stick into a handheld vacuum cleaner in moments. Every vacuum cleaner includes handy attachments.

If you want to easily clean underneath furniture without having to lift it up, look out for stick vacuum cleaners with Flexology – which bends so you don’t have to – or uprights with Powered Lift-Away.


Who lives in your home?

Whether you live with family, friends or by yourself, think about the kind of cleaning you do most.

Does anyone in your home have long hair?  Exclusive to Shark, Anti Hair Wrap Technology removes hair from the bristles as you clean. A bristle-guard and comb separate and remove hair, sucking it straight up into the dust cup and helping to keep your brush-roll free of tangles. Perfect for homes with long, short and pet hair.


Do you have pets?  

Homes with furry friends can sometimes need a little extra help. Designed for homes with pets, every model in our TruePet range comes complete with a dedicated Pet Tool to help remove embedded pet hair from soft furnishings.

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