Cordless Vacuum Run-time Explained – How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

How long does a Shark cordless vacuum cleaner battery last?

Run-time varies between models, so find your product on the Shark website or look in your Instruction Booklet to find out the maximum run-time for your model.

Which cordless vacuum has the longest run time?

The Shark vacuum cleaners with the longest-lasting batteries, such as the Shark Stratos cordless vacuum and Shark Detect Pro cordless vacuum, offer up to 60 minutes of cleaning time per battery (when used in ECO power mode with a non-motorised tool.)

What does that mean?
Shark vacuum cleaners offer multiple cleaning modes, such as ECO and BOOST, which increase and decrease the suction power depending on the amount of dirt you want to clean up.

Some Shark models can automatically select the right suction level for you – they detect dirt and other environmental factors, and adjust the vacuum’s power accordingly; the Shark Stratos range senses dirt and automatically ramps the suction level up and down to match, while Shark Detect Pro vacuums can detect dirt and debris, different floor types, and even room edges, selecting the right amount of suction power for every clean. 

The suction mode you use will affect the battery life – for example, ECO mode allows the battery to last for a longer time, while BOOST mode will use more power to increase the suction and therefore will run out faster. If you have a Shark Stratos or Shark Detect Pro vacuum, running it in its intelligent cleaning mode will balance optimum battery life with performance. This will make your battery last longer than if you use BOOST mode all the time. 

Additionally, cleaning attachments that use power to spin a brush-roll, such as a Motorised Pet Tool, will also draw on the battery and shorten the run-time.

That’s why achieving the run-time we advertise is dependent on the power mode and cleaning attachments you use.

How can you make your cordless vacuum cleaner battery last longer?

Select the best cleaning mode

To save battery power, and enjoy the longest run-time possible, select ECO mode. This provides enough suction power for light cleaning.

For everyday cleaning, select Detect mode (Detect Pro models), Clean Sense iQ mode (Shark Stratos models) or Deep Clean mode (most other Shark cordless models).

Only use BOOST mode for a quick extra burst of power – this mode is designed to tackle heavy dirt and debris, and should be used for short periods of time. If you use BOOST mode all the time, your battery will run out faster.

Switch between attachments
When cleaning in handheld mode, a Motorised Pet Tool is great for drawing hair out of upholstery or carpeted stairs – but if you are removing dust from fabric, cleaning a hard surface or reaching into edges and corners, a non-motorised Upholstery Tool or Crevice Tool will do the job perfectly, without depleting your run-time.

Start with a full battery
It’s a good idea to fully charge your vacuum’s battery before you start cleaning, and plug it in again after you finish. If you have a Shark Detect Pro Auto-Empty System, or a Shark WandVac System, your vacuum will charge while stored on the dock so it’s always ready to go.

How to charge a Shark cordless battery

All other 
Shark vacuum cleaners have removable battery packs, so you don’t have to find a plug socket near the floor where you store your Shark. If your vacuum has a removable battery, simply take it out of the vacuum and charge it at any plug socket in your home.

You can also leave a spare battery on charge, so you always have one ready to go when the one in your vacuum runs out. It’s easy to purchase additional batteries directly from Shark.

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