6 Vacuuming Mistakes Too Many People Make

You might have the most effective and technologically advanced vacuum cleaner in the world at your disposal, but this will count for little if you’re not using it correctly.

Vacuuming is an essential cleaning job in every home. Whether a room has real wood floors or fitted carpets, this inescapable household task is crucial to the overall appearance and cleanliness of your property.

To ensure your hard work is as effective as it possibly can be, there are a few common vacuuming mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Using a vacuum with a bag

Bags in vacuums are incredibly rare these days, but you can still buy them. Bags reduce the suction power of a cleaner, and reduce what can be picked up. For the best results, use a vacuum cleaner with cyclonic suction, and empty the dust compartment regularly — never wait until it’s full.

2. Vacuuming in one direction

While you might like the straight lines created on a carpet that is vacuumed in one direction, there is a better way to remove dust and dirt. By passing the vacuum over a carpet in many different directions, you can expose and dislodge more dirt and dust than usual. Attack your floors in small sections, and ensure your cleaner moves over the surface of the carpet in as many directions as possible.

3. Not cleaning the filter regularly

The filter in a domestic vacuum cleaner can become clogged with dust and dirt after just a few uses — hampering suction power and leaving more nastiness in your carpets. Every time you empty the dust compartment, quickly check the filter. You won’t need to clean the filter every time, but at least you’ll know its current state. If you notice the filter has become permanently worn or damaged, replace it as quickly as possible.

4. Not removing hair and string from the brushroll

The brushroll in your vacuum cleaner digs down into the pile of carpet and dislodges dust and dirt. If this process doesn’t happen properly, your cleaner just won’t be as effective as it can be. One of the major causes of a defective brushroll is an accumulation of hair and string, which can eventually stop the roll from turning. Unfortunately, removing these accumulations can be a painstaking job, involving the untangling of fibres and the cutting of knots.

5. Vacuuming without clearing the area

A degree of preparation is required before you vacuum any type of floor, otherwise your efforts won’t be fully rewarded. Make sure you clear the area of clutter, large pieces of debris and furniture before you begin. It’s also a good idea to make sure carpet is completely dry before vacuuming it. It’s also important that vacuuming is the last cleaning job you perform in any room. This is because other tasks will disturb dust — which will inevitably find its way to your floors.

6. Not using the correct attachments

Those vacuum tools that have never left the box are there for a reason — to make your life easier. Crevice tools, dusting brushes and extendable hoses are there to help you reach awkward and inaccessible areas, such as down the sides of sofas, lampshades, skirting boards and curtains. Read the instructions that came with your vacuum, and use the attachments as suggested. Not only will cleaning become easier, it will become more effective too.

Vacuuming isn’t usually a complex cleaning task, but it is always very important. Avoid these six common errors, and you should be able to keep your floors and surfaces clean and dust-free.

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