Multi Flex Technology

Multi Flex Technology

MultiFLEX™ Technology

Enjoy the freedom to reach and store anywhere in the home. The MultiFLEX wand bends so you don’t have to, reaching under low lying furniture with ease. Click to fold down the MultiFLEX wand, now compact, free-standing and ready to be stored wherever you wish.

​DuoClean® Technology

This unique design includes two brush rolls in one vacuum head. The brush rolls work together to remove large and small particles and stuck on dust from carpets and hard floors with ease. We added the second soft brush so you can seamlessly move from room to room, cleaning carpets and hard floors without stopping to switch heads.

ION Power Pack

Removable, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries mean you can charge your vacuum anywhere in the home. Shark’s batteries can be charged in situ on the vacuum or straight to the battery. Enjoy up to 44 Minutes Run time from a single charge with a double battery pack and dual charging cradle.