Kellie Polaschek has partnered with Shark, turning her decades of experience, toward the everyday Aussie home and the invisible dirt hotspots lurking. She used to be squeamish opening a can of tuna. Now she cleans crime scenes and hoarder homes for a living. Crime scene cleaner and Shark Detect Pro ambassador Kellie Polaschek has turned her experience toward the everyday home to help Aussies detect their hidden home cleaning crimes.

With experience cleaning hoarder homes, unattended deaths, crime scenes, biological hazards, train and jail accidents - think of the grossest thing - and Kellie says she’s cleaned it. “The biggest mistake in both crime scene and everyday home cleaning is thinking a home appears tidy to the eye, but there’s dust, grime, dirt - and from my experience, much worse things lurking. In the thousands of crime scenes and hoarder homes I’ve cleaned, the same areas are always missed,” says Kellie.

Kellie adds

My favourite new tool for crime scene and home cleaning is the Shark Cordless Detect Pro Auto Empty System as it offers the deepest clean with four technologies that detect and react, plus Odour Neutralising Technology and an Auto-Empty System for no cross-contamination.


With Crime Scene Cleaner and Shark Detect Pro Ambassador Kellie Polaschek

"Most homes appear tidy to the eye but there is dust, dirt, grime and much worse lurking beneath every surface."

1. Ceiling fans and air conditioning units

They collect dust and dirt particles, which if you don’t clean are recirculated back into the air. Vacuum twice a year. I like the Shark® Cordless Detect Pro™ which automatically charges and empties into its bagless base, trapping 99.97%4 of dust and allergens with True HEPA filtration.

2. Above your kitchen cabinets

Grime, dirt and food particles can build up. We’ve found animal carcasses and even $10,000 in cash in this overlooked and hard-to-reach place. Clean above them every season. TheShark® Cordless Detect Pro™ is ultra-lightweight for above-head deep cleaning.

3. Bathroom grout

Missed in routine cleaning, bathroom walls harbour all types of germ-ridden splashes. Clean with a toothbrush and bicarb and water paste, sucking up any debris that falls using the Shark® Cordless Detect Pro™ Crevice Tool.

4. Under the bed

Home to a buildup of dust, lint and more that can interrupt easy breathing, you should really clean under the bed once a week. The Shark Detect Pro’s agile design includes a multi-flex wand, which bends so you don’t have to.

5. Pet beds and toys

Not only is this one of the least hygienic places, but your pet can traipse dirt through your home. Wash your pet bed fortnightly, vacuuming debris in-between washes with the Shark® Cordless Detect Pro™ self-cleaning and anti-hairwrap brushroll.

6. The couch

Crumbs, bodily fluids, sweat, you name it, the couch is home to a catalogue of home cleaning crimes. Vacuum weekly. Shark’s LightDetect™ Technology automatically adjusts vacuum headlight brightness to illuminate low-light areas like under the couch.

7. Kid's playroom

Between schoolyard germs, spilt glitter and rogue snacks, countless things can contaminate play toys. Shark’s EdgeDetect™ Technology senses edges and corners and powers up, making tackling all the nooks and crannies easier.

Shark advances the cleaning experience for all, without having to compromise on price or performance. The Shark® Cordless Detect Pro™ Auto Empty System (IW3611) is available to purchase directly from here and retailers including Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, The Good Guys and Amazon. RRP: $699.99.

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