Shark Cordless Vacuum with Self Cleaning Brushroll - IZ202

$499.99 $649.99
Self Cleaning Brush Roll
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal
Transforms into Handheld
Advanced Swivel Steering
40 minutes runtime
Removable battery
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Magenta & Charcoal Grey
Product Weight
Run time
40 minutes
Recharge time
3.5 hours
Noise level
Recharge time
3.5 hours
Floor Type
Carpet and Hard Floors
Washable HEPA & Foam Filters
2 Years
Powerful suction
for whole-home cleaning: dirt, debris, pet hair, and tough messes
easy button control
Powerful Suction
for all kinds of hair
Easily tackles all hair types,
including pet hair and long hair,
without tangling.
iz202 for all kinds of hair
Self-cleaning brushroll
actively separates and removes hair with a unique bristle-guard, helping to leave the bristle brush-roll tangle-free. Perfect for long, short and pet hair.
iz202 removes pet hair and long hair
iz202 with self-cleaning brushroll
Perfect for your
everyday life with pet
DuoClean® Technology
Shark’s unique DuoClean floorhead features two motorised brush-rolls, removing large debris, small particles and stuck-on dust from hard floors and carpets. Seamlessly move from room to room, cleaning all floor types without stopping to switch heads.
duoclean by shark
Duo Clean® technology
Two brushrolls. All floors
With DuoClean®, you have two brushrolls to clean hard floors and carpets
two brushrolls to clean hard floors and carpets
Duo Clean® delivers
Triple Particle Cleaning
With an additional soft brushroll, Duoclean® handles debris of every type, from large particles to small particles and even stuck-on dust.
large particles
1. Large particles
From cereal to pet food, DuoClean® pulls in piles of large particles and handles them with powerful suction.
small particles
2. Small particles
Sand, dirt, even glitter - small particles are no match for DuoClean® dual brushrolls.
stuck-on dust
3. Stuck-on dust
An added soft brushroll tackles dust and stuck-on debris for a polished look.
Up to 40 minutes of runtime
in Standard mode, measured at the hand vacuum. Removable battery can be charged in or out of the unit
iz202 up to 40 min runtime
Now, Fold it upto 180º
It bends 180 degrees self-standing for ease of storage
iz202 store anywhere
iz202 anti-allergen
Advanced Swivel Steering
& LED headlights
Powerful LED lights on the nozzle reveal hidden debris around your home.
iz202 LED lights
XL Dust Cup with CleanTouch™ dirt ejector
A high-capacity dust cup handles long cleaning sessions—empty it without getting your hands dirty with the CleanTouch™ Dirt Ejector.
iz202 dirt ejector
Easy Cleaning Dust Cup
Just wash the dust cup under running water,
super easy way to clean your dust cup.
iz202 easy cleaning dust cup
iz202 cleans everywhere
Cleaning Nozzles & Accessories
Extra tools for a variety of tasks.
In the box
iz202 in the box